Come On And Kill Me, My Dear

Text: Aziz Nesin
Director: Umut Ulaş Er
Makeup Artist: Mercan Doğan

Özlem Bulut
Ayça Kılınçer
Umut Ulaş Er

The play is about two lonesome elderly widows, who live “clutching on” to each other, in the basement flat of an apartment in the city.

The elderly women inhabiting the basement of an apartment trudge their way through life as two faithful friends who quarrel as much as they hold on to each other with great affection. They share their solitude, old age, past memories and regrets. While Siyen (68) keeps babbling about her late husband who was a general, Diha (73)takes comfort in the string of letters she “receives” from mysterious men. Meanwhile the top story in newspapers and radio news is about a handsome young man disguised as a gas meter reader who kills lonely women at their homes.

The news intimidates the women but also reminds them of their emotional isolation. So, begins the yearning anticipation for the man to turn up on their doorstep…